St George Bank Holds Firm on NRAS list

St George Bank holds firm on its list of approved NRAS consortiums. The bank unlike some will not consider any other consortium on a case base case basis unless on the list.

Approved Non-Entity Joint Venture Consortiums: 

•Affordable Housing Consulting Pty Ltd (‘AHC’)

•Affordable Management Corporation (AMC)


•Coast2Bay Housing Group Ltd.

•Community Housing Canberra Limited (CHC)

•Crown Properties Pty Ltd

•Ethan Affordable Housing

•Mission Australia Housing Limited (MAHL)

•Providence Housing Pty Ltd

•Quantum Housing Group (QHG)

•Queensland Affordable Housing Consortium Ltd (QAHC)


•Tremplin Limited

•Urban Affordable Housing Association (UAHA) via company structure ‘4 Walls Ltd’.


 Approved Head Lease Structured Consortiums

•Queensland Affordable Housing Consortium Ltd (QAHC)

•Brisbane Housing Company (BHC)

•Providence Housing Pty Ltd

•Queensland Affordable Housing Consortium Ltd (QAHC)

As previously stated at this time applications cannot be accepted from any other consortiums by St George. Contact your broker if you have an of list consortium.