What is a niche property strategy?

Many people begin their property investment journey with tried and true strategies. That is, buy a median priced home in an affordable location that they believe will be easy to rent and ( for whatever reason they have discovered) has potential to go up in value.

Some investors continue this way for years and build significant portfolios of property as the value of their properties increase and rental incomes improve.  These investors have a formula they stick to as it works for them.

We a not financial planners. We are credit advisers. Simply tell us what you want to do and we can tell you how to make it happen.

However, there are many types of residential property available in Australia and many ways to structure a purchase. Niche property strategies recognise that there are ways to potentially make higher gains or improve cash flow in a portfolio that may be higher risk. Investing in property via your self managed super fund is a common strategy today but it is still niche in many respects. NRAS property has significant benefits for some investors but again it is considered niche.