NRAS Consortium Profiles – Affordable Housing Consulting (AHC)

NRAS Consortium Profiles – Affordable Housing Consulting (AHC)

Founded by Paul Mitchell in 2008, Affordable Housing Consulting or AHC is the largest NRAS-based company based in South Australia. Currently, the company has partnered with various companies that will aid in delivering affordable housing to prospective investors.

Company Vision and Mission

The connection point between the investor, government, builder, property manager and tenant, AHC is geared towards becoming a market leader in providing affordable housing and facilitating access to NRAS for the developers, investors, and non government sector.


At present, AHC has 1,478 allocations and provides assistance for individuals who wish to invest under the scheme. As an approved NRAS participant, the company also consults to large companies as well as offer compliance services to several non-profit organizations in South Australia who are already involved in NRAS.

AHC also manages National Rental Incentives and allows its investors to have access on the annual income from the government.

AHC Arrangement Benefits

Under the AHC, investors are given the maximum opportunity to have control over its property. Aside from the residential property investment, AHC offers various benefits to investors such as choosing and designing the following:

· Property design and location suitable for every investor

· Tenants

· Management of maintenance issues

AHC also allows its investors to maximize tax benefits and gives them the opportunity to either sell or use the chosen property in compliance with the government’s rules, policies and procedures governing NRAS.

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