NRAS Consortium Profiles – 4 Walls Ltd

 4 Walls Ltd 

A leading provider in housing services, 4 Walls Ltd is a product of merger between two companies – Brisbane Boarders Limited (BBL) and Metropolitan Association Towards Community Housing (MATCH). It also has more than 30 business partners who help in providing quality and affordable housing services and continuously seek for partnership opportunities, both for business growth and giving support to its clients.

Vision, Mission and Values

Established in 2011, 4 Walls Ltd aims to provide “a home 4 everyone.” The company’s mission is geared towards delivering innovative and responsive housing solutions by carrying a diversified property portfolio, establishing partnership with various NGOs and agencies, encouraging and supporting tenant involvement and operating on both business and social perspective.

The company’s values are centered with integrity and transparency, social justice, respect, compassion and sustainability.

The Programs

A consortium with UAHA, 4 Walls Ltd has a diverse housing portfolio, having a reserved allocation of 192 housing units in greater Brisbane, Townsville and the Gold Coast. As a non-profit company, 4 Walls Ltd is aimed at providing social, community and affordable housing programs for those who are at risk of losing their homes or to people who need housing assistance. Aside from this, it also offers housing option services to migrant and humanitarian community members through its Settlement Grants Program by giving information and advice and even providing casework services. It also gives assistance to those who are in need of a home through its Red Cross Program.

Apart from the programs and support services provided to more than 800 tenants, the company also has a professional maintenance team that manages and maintains the properties under its portfolio. It provides asset management services, ensuring that the house to be built is carried out by professional and licensed contractors. The maintenance team also conducts quarterly inspection of the properties to make sure that the house is fit and safe to live at.

Quality Service and Delivery

 4 Walls Ltd’s services do not stop once the house is delivered to its tenants. It has a maintenance hot line which tenants can immediately access in case there are services that needs to be done. Experienced Housing Managers are readily available, managing individual tenancies and ensuring that maintenance issues are addressed instantly. Cleaning and handyman staffs are also employed on a fulltime basis for the tenant’s convenience. More so, maintenance and repair are only handled by qualified contractors who are audited every six months. There is also a follow up procedure to make sure that each tenant is satisfied. Further, 4 Walls Ltd make it a point to comply with the requirements prescribed in the Residential Tenancies Act, especially when it comes to tenants’ rights, as well as the National Community Housing Standards and other government legislations, policies and procedures.

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