Construction loans

Building Your Future –  Construction Loans

What makes people want to build their own home? Let’s look at what creates the desire in us to build our homes versus buying an existing home and how to avoid some of the common pitfalls people face during the construction process. This area is in essence simple once you understand what is involved and this is what we are hoping to do, that is, arm you with as much solid information as we can to make the process go smoothly for you. If finance is the technology of getting things done then this guide is all about getting your home built using construction loans that are right for you and in particular right for what you are building.

The Desire to Build

The desire to build over purchasing an existing home is strong for many people. Motivating factors include:

  • Choice of location
  • New and vibrant communities
  • Knock down and rebuild rather than renovate
  • Choice of design
  • Choice of finish
  • Degree of capitalization or controlling the amount you spend


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