When buying NRAS what is the advantage of using a Home Loan Warehouse broker?

If you are new to NRAS you may have found this site by typing certain terms into your favourite web browser. This is in fact the way most people start their journey with NRAS.

The great thing about Home Loan Warehouse is that we are not a bank or mortgage manager. This means that rather than having just one or two suitable NRAS products for your broker to assess we have the full range of products out there in the market.

Although we can recommend property research and real estate groups from our panel ( which we believe is a collection of the most reputable out there) we are not directly involved in the sale and distribution of property.

Why is this important? Well with NRAS valuations can be an issue. If you have done a little reseach then you may have found this out already. The reason is that in the early days of NRAS people (in some rare cases) paid to much to this type of property – according to bank panel valuers and were happy to do so because of the serious cash bonus each year ( 10k ).

Our view is that there is no reason to do this.

There are really only two reason a valuation will be low:

  1. There is genuine price inflation – avoid
  2. The valuer selected did not use comparable sales that your research shows support the price – proceed ( with a different lender )

Like any investment it is important that you are the one driving the decision.

At Home Loan Warehouse your broker will support YOU. If the valuation is low and you can’t  find a way to support the price then we will be there with you while you find a new deal.

The life of an investment is often 10 to 15 years. Don’t rush in!