We can compare hundreds of home loan options helping you find the right home loan for your needs. Our brokers have a huge and growing panel of trusted banks and lenders to choose from & we understand that there is no such thing as a one size fits all solution. We take the time to listen to you and work with you to achieve your individual goals.

So often banks or other mortgage brokers fail to understand your needs or simply ignore you if you don’t fit a certain profile. No matter whether you are simply looking to refinance & switch to a better loan or you have special circumstances and you are looking for a low doc, bad credit solution, Super Fund Loan or NRAS finance we can help.

First Home Buyer Home Loans

At Home Loan Warehouse our first goal is understanding exactly what you want and need.

We’ll help you find the loan that suits your circumstances, explain everything and help you all the way to sign-up and beyond.

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Refinancing Your Home Loan

Rather than shop around going from bank to bank all you need to do is make one call to us and have one meeting. It is that simple.

We can even conduct the meeting by phone or video conference for those who are busy, work long hours or just find that this is the most efficient use of their time.

At  Home Loan Warehouse it is all about you and fitting in with what you need and what works for you.

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Investment Property Finance

Whether you’re new to investing, looking to restructure, buy NRAS property or invest in property with your super fund SMSF Home Loan Warehouse can help.

From the very simple to the complex we are here to help you reach your goals.

To start the conversation about your investment needs call us on 1300 552 907.

Nras Scheme Finance

What is NRAS and how do you finance it?

In short NRAS is a government incentive scheme that pays owners of property a cash (tax free) payment of around $100,000 over 10 years.  Strict conditions exist around the scheme and it is designed for large participants in the property industry. The goal being that these large participants build and supply property for sale to end buyers or investors (you) and also manage that property so that scheme compliance is maintained. Owners of scheme properties must ensure that the property is offered for rent at a below market price (20% below market).

As mortgage brokers the most common reason we see for a NRAS property failing to finance is purchasers approaching the wrong bank or lender. Purchasers need to consider the property type, the consortium, the LVR (loan to valuation ratio) and serviceability before a bank or lender can be considered. Each lender that accepts this type of property has a specific credit policy which must be considered.

Loan to valuations ratios of 90% with capitalized LMI are available but not for all property types. In some instances finance could be extended to 90% plus $20,000 plus capitalized LMI. This will depend on many factors and your credit adviser will be able to discuss if this loan is suitable for your needs and if you are eligible.